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Bama's Building Guide:
Go Metal

He's just Bama. So don't blame him if you get hurt.
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Got a Woodie?

Some general descriptions for wood luge construction.


You can't have the right streetluge attitude if you don't have the right gear. Let the world know you embrace gravity and speed.
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Meet the Pros

So you want to be a luger. You don't know where to get started. This is the place to be. You may even get to know a pro. Chat it up with them every Wednesday night, 9 p.m. EST, at .

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LUGEFORCE: - Internet Guide to Streetluge
"...this site is a good place to be" - Bob Ozman X-Games Medalist

"Street Luging 101" -

Where street luge began, no one is quite sure.

Lugers from West Coast of the United States to the Swiss Alps all claim to have given birth to the sport some time in the '70's.
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Trailer (
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Release Date: May 10, 2002
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LugeForce Event Calendar:
Now you can schedule events with other riders and keep up to date with what others are planning. For race promoters feel free to post race dates here. If at any time an entry needs to be updated please us the contact page and provide the Month and day of the event. Abuse of this Calendar will not be tolorated and any entries which defame any rider or organization will be removed.

The cost of the sport of street luge.
Originally posted at BBS

Alright. Street Luge IS quite expensive. The bottom line is, theres no way to get around it safely. People want to ride with the top of the line equipment on the biggest hills and go really fast like the "pros" do. Well, unfortunately, the fact is, that ain't gonna happen unless you got money. I don't mean to be synical, but hell, i've been through the money problems and everything too. I'm 17 and I started luging when i was 12.
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If your new to the sport of streetluge or a recreational rider looking for a quick way around the world of luge on the net - you're in the right place. We hope this site makes your participation in the pursuit of gravity a more convenient and exciting experience.
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Hot Heels: It started 'round 1989. At that time Stefan came all most every week-end to the Kaunertal Glacier to give Snowboard- lessons. The road was free of snow and he suggested, that it would be much more exciting to take the road lying on a longboard, then just simply with a car.
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Hot Heels July Race Schedule -
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What Makes a Pro?
Originally posted by Tim Cayer at
LandLuge BBS

There is lots of information available to help anyone get started in this sport. Getting started and going "Pro" are 2 different things.
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Take a listen to what the sports all about from NPR: National Public Radio Note: NSLA is now defunct