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He's just Bama. So don't blame him if you get hurt.
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 Got  a Woodie?

Some general descriptions for wood luge construction.


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 LUGEFORCE: - Build a Woodie    

LugeForce and its contributors assume no responsibility for any personal injury or property damage resulting from the information contained within this site.  This information is only provided as a general description of how to construct a wood streetluge. The information is not intended as a detailed guide for building a luge or a recommendation on how you should construct a wood luge.THESE ARE NOT DETAILED PLANS. PLEASE CONSULT EXPERIENCED RIDERS FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION THAT MAY ASSIST YOU. This luge is HAS NOT BEEN SPEED TESTED IN EXCESS OF 45MPH. Note: A luge uses kinetic energy - i.e. once it begins to move it will not stop without your assistance or until it makes impact with another object - and will potentially exceed speeds that are uncontrollable. Ride at your own risk, within your limits and always wear proper safety gear.

 Riders Info:

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 Materials List

Luge Board:
1-2 x 4 x 8'
(rail and handles)

1-1/2" x 2' x 4' standard sheet of  plywood. 
(seat pan)

1-1/4" x 2' x 4' standard sheet of plywood.

3" wood screws
1 1/4" wood screws
Construction adhesive
Sandpaper-various grits
Spray paint
Wood puttyWheel Setup:
Trucks-Independent 215mm 
Wheels-Sector Nine Nine-Ball Wheels. 76mm 78A
Bushings - Independent "black"

1- 1" diameter metal conduit and 7/8" diameter wood dowel , both 11 1/2" long. (foot pegs) Use a hollow 1" diameter metal broom handle and a smaller 7/8" diameter wood broom handle to place inside of the metal piece.

1-24"  long metal framing strap. Home Depot (nerf bar)

(as shown in photographs - professional riders use trucks specifically designed for streetluge - Independents are commonly used and may 'stress' at high speeds and/or G-forces - pro riders use Doh-Doh bushings with trucks made specifically for streetluge - use of Doh-Doh's with Independent trucks may result in the bushing splitting due to improper fit - always inspect your equipment before you ride and replace damaged bushings)

(recommended wheels are specifically designed for streetluge and use a race core with a polyurethane wheel.)

Bearings-NMB ABEC-3
(as shown in photographs - professional riders use a rating of about ABEC-7)


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