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 Double Front Trucks

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 LUGEFORCE: - Tips from the Pros   

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 Riders Info:

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 7 Newbie Commandments:

Originally Posted by DONDO on Street Luge BBS

1) Care for the equipment: Most likely, you do not have your own. Therefore, you'll be borrowing leathers ($500-$1500), a helmet ($125-$250), and a luge ($400-$2,000). This stuff belongs to someone, and no matter how beat-up it may appear to you, I guarantee that its owner does not want to see it more beat up. Therefore, Lesson 1 is Do Not #$!@ Up Other People's Equipment. It Pisses Them Off.

2) Care for yourself: Just because you have too much testosterone, too much adrenaline, and not enough brains, the people you are with really do not want the responsibility of scraping your insides off of a guardrail or oncoming car. Nor do we want to have to explain your untimely death to your family. Also, your death will probably #$!@-up somebody's equipment (see Lesson 1). Therefore, Lesson 2 is Use Your Head. You Can Die In This Sport If You Are Stupid.

3) Care for the environment around you: You may have never been to this spot before, and you may never come back. The houses may be shitty, and the people who live there may be toothless, on welfare, and inbred. However, to those of us who regularly ride in these areas, these people are our friends. Respect them and their property, and we will continue to get the same in return. Ask anyone about the troll lady of Sam's Gap who dumped motor oil all over the road the day of the race. Therefore, Lesson 3 is Treat Locals and Their Property as Though You are a Guest in Their Home.

4) Care for the chase truck: It may be a ratty old piece of junk to you, but people rely on it to get themselves and their equipment up and down the hill. Today, you are relying on it too. Believe it or not, the truck's owner probably likes it. And although it may not seem apparent to you, probably has to spend their own time cleaning it out now and then. As as a result of luge trips, I have had to clean out month-old cheese (thanks Wild Bill), squirrel #$!@ and wood chips (I won't mention any names Bama), spilled Coke, Gatorade, chew spit, potato chips, cigarette ashes, dead locusts, vomit, blood, mud, rocks, grease, and petrified pizza. Therefore, Lesson 4 is Treat The Chase Truck Like It is Your Own Porsche.

5) Don't #$!@ with Law Enforcement Officials: This is an extension of Lesson 3. Chances are, the guys you are riding with have spent a lot of energy developing a working relationship with the local highway patrol around where they ride. The streetluge / law enforcement relationship is a delicate one. One bad attitude ignorant remark can destroy years or relationship building. Therefore, Lesson 5 is If You Don't Have Anything Respectful or Intelligent to Say to Local LEOs, SHUT THE #$!@ UP.

6) Contribute to the cause: Going luging costs money. Somebody has to buy the gas that's in the truck (and have you checked the pump prices lately?), and do you think the soda and ice in the cooler came from the Soda Fairy? Why not throw-in a few bucks to cover your costs? It's a privilege for you to be there. Believe me, the experienced guys would much rather not have to #$!@ with you. Therefore, your participation should be at no financial burden to them. Therefore, Lesson 6 is Chip In and Pay Your Share.
And finally?

7) Contain your stoke: Everyone who tries luge for the first time is pumped-up, fired-up, and excited. Did you hear me?? I said everyone! Therefore, you are no different. Nobody wants to hear about the world's greatest luge you are going to build, or how you are going to sweep next years X-Games and Gravity Games. We've heard it a hundred times. If you are like most people, you will be too lazy to ever build your own sled or save enough money for your own leathers. If you do follow through, GREAT! We're happy to have you aboard. If not, please just disappear quietly like most folks. Therefore, Lesson 7 is Actions Speak Louder Than Words, So Keep The #$!@-Talking to a Minimum Please.


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