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XTremeWheelz and the Bainbridge Grand Prix read more . . .

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The Bainbridge (Ohio) Grand Prix was a mix of sunshine and rain, high speed and nasty crashes. But LugeForce did have the opportunity to put the XTreme Wheelz Mags and rain wheels through their pace.

After a cool day of practice the Saturday qualifying was met with a coat of rain on the road. In the spirit of luge “Smokin’ Joe” was given the XTreme Wheels Mags to get a good grip of the road. The XTreme rain wheels also not only did an outstanding job of cutting through the water and also provided a firm grip that can be trusted.

In the rain these wheels offer an extra level of safety and for the new rider a boost of confidence.

Check out some pics of the XTreme Wheelz.

Rider comment below as posted on

Posted By: Nemesis <>
Date: 10/10/02, 4: 48 p.m.

“I have to be honest, I have found nothing that can surpass the handling of your Smoke bombs. Ive tried the abec 11's a lil and i still think u have the best wheel.”

XTreme Wheelz are also highly recommended by Wild Fro Racing ( ) for grip.

Check back for more info on the XTremeWheelz 8-Balls . . .

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