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 The cost of the sport of street luge:

Originally Posted by Stefan on

Street Luge IS quite expensive. The bottom line is, there’s no way to get around it safely.

People want to ride with the top of the line equipment on the biggest hills and go really fast like the "pros" do. Well, unfortunately, the fact is, that ain't gonna happen unless you got money. I don't mean to be synical, but hell, i've been through the money problems and everything too. I'm 17 and I started luging when i was 12. Over the last 5 years i've always wanted to be like the pros and go as fast as them. But it takes time, patience and money. I got a part time job so i could fund my street luge activities this summer.

Although my top speed is quite high now, in my books, I STILL haven't gone many "pros". Eventually I will. I find more and more young people interested in the sport, and thats cool and everything, but patience is a virtue. The bottom line is that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE for young people like me and many others to go to all the races and have top of the line equipment, because we just don't have the money. Ever wonder why the average age of a pro street luger is like somewhere between 35 and 45?

If you are really into the sport, you will be patient and deal with what you have, without cutting corners of safety.

Your time will come.



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