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 Got the right wheels?:

Originally Posted by Andrew, Chris McBride and DrNo on

Bigger is better, but too much isnt good either.

An 85mm diameter wheel will run better than a 75mm wheel IF:

1. Both are of the same size-ratio (ratio between diameter, width etc)
2. They are of the same material
3. They have the same durometer

A 65mm longboard wheel will outrun any 82mm Rollerblade wheel anytime, anyday, unless you're The Flash, then that's a different story all together.

Reason being a longboard wheel has more “meat” (wheel surface) touching the ground. Meaning this gives it more traction, just the right amount to get the luge going fast, but too much traction will slow the luge down too. Rollerblade wheels do not offer enough traction at all, which is why they run kinda slow.

Advantages of a 75mm wheel compared to an 85mm wheel will most probably be acceleration, smaller wheels accelerate faster than bigger wheels, the downfall though, is if you're taking a really straight course, 85 wheels will run way faster than 75mms...the difference of 10mm alone can add about 7-12 mphs more speed.

Hope that helps

Well... A LIGHTER wheel will spin up to top speed faster than a heavier wheel. Generally a smaller diameter means the wheel is lighter, but thats not necessairly true. I'm looking forward to ABEC 11's 101's (with the larger hub) because they don't have a ton of urethane on them. While they're heavier than the 83's, its not THAT much heavier.

I've only seen the 85's once. The 85's and the 76's share the same hub, means there is a lot of urethane on the 85, its a heavier wheel.

But there is more to the wheel than that. Is bigger better? Depends on what you want to do, it also depends a lot on a wheel. All things being equal lighter wheels will accelerate faster, yet bigger wheels have a higher top end.

Problem is, most big wheels in the industry have failed. The most recent big wheel was the labeda. It had too much urethane, it has heavy, had a proprensity to delaminate (come off the hub) and it could "fold" in turns. The word is still out on the new Abec 11's and Krypto's 85's.

What does this mean? Research, research, and more research.


I have also found that a "heavier" wheel carries speed farther than a lighter wheel but this is only useful in longer runs and runs that flaten out.



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